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Publicado el 13/04/2010 21:16:07 desde Estados Unidos, 12062 visitas.
1981 Aston Martin V8 (Oscar India) Coupé. Canterbury blue with natural leather and natural wilton wool carpeting, 40,000 miles, 5-speed manual. This V8 coupé is a rare find in the United States, very few V8 'Oscar India' coupé models were imported from 1980-1989 (for example only four from 1986-1989), instead the norm was for Aston dealers to stock the volante model and have coupés manufactured by special order, thus having to wait for almost one full year for delivery. During seven and a half years of production, a total of 291 'Oscar India' cars were made, of those approximately 20 made it to the United States shores, which make this a rare find indeed. A beautifully maintained us spec V8 coupé in every respect, this V8 coupé has been enthusiastically owned by its previous owners to date. It was last sold it its current owner by Autosport Designs, Inc. over ten years ago and is currently serviced and ready for immediate use by its next, new owner. This would be a wonderful candidate for conversion to european specification chrome bumpers or maybe even vantage cosmetics if wanted by its next owner. It is complete with records and previous ownership history. Hablamos español. New york, Hong Kong.

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