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Publicado el 01/03/2009 13:23:09 desde Estados Unidos, 7300 visitas.
1959 Austin Healey 100/6. The vehicle has undergone a complete restoration by the previous owner. The restoration has been carried out to create a vehicle better than new and with some slight upgrades in the form of trim and body. The engine has been detailed to better than new condition. The entire mechanical system including all engine and ancillary components appear to have been restored to better than new condition. The valve cover has been polished, all the original components have been refinished "as new". The wiring harness has been replaced with a new original style part. The car is fitted with a set of chrome wire wheels including a spare, they remain in excellent "as new" condition. The underside of the car has been refinished as the above and remains in very clean corrosion free condition. This car has been featured in several sports car magazines and has won several awards.

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