Burro Buggy

Published at 02/05/2020 11:44:07 from Argentina, 4068 visits.
Original AFF papers from 1962 (ideal for Cobra or Lotus). I`m a starter. Patented and circulating. Second owner. Chevrolet Corsa Mechanics 1.6 33,000 km. Purchased in San Bernardo under original condition and then modified to Chevrolet Corsa 1.6 mechanics with 33,000 km. current (engine). Engine seated on the papers. Original 5th Corsa transmission. Disc brakes on all four wheels. The engine was placed 0 km. It is not bought in Cesvi, nor used to an individual.
Value: 350000 Argentine Pesos (USD 4947,00 | Euros 4388,71).-
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