Chevrolet Monza SL

Published at 23/04/2015 18:42:48 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2289 visits.
The real owner was my grandfather who bought 0 km. in 1993. The unit is in perfect condition both aesthetically and mechanically. It has 62,500 km. real factory, the car was only used for trips and ride. He always slept in the garage, never had a shock and is currently only used on weekends. Made you new brakes, alignment and rolling carburization, change spark plugs, air filters and naphtha, oil change, new battery, tires with very little use. Added you a stereo pioneer USB, cd, radio and aux more two rear speakers 16 cm-200 w and two front 6'x 9 ' (great sound). VTV 2015. Today are told drives that are rolling and are so well cared for and pampered as it is; just hop on and enjoy. Aesthetic details (Show picture). Upholstered seat driver (small cracks). Minimum detail in paint and bumper. Small touches on the trunk lid (only currency against light). No swap, only cash.
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