Citroen 3CV 1980

Published at 15/09/2016 19:12:19 from Córdoba, Argentina, 10318 visits.
Citroën 3CV sold more plus gift (read at the end of the publication). It is a vehicle that provides a different, classic and rustic experience. Ideal for travel, your engine always will be unmatched for its potential. With the necessary improvements for excellent performance. It has the new naphtha tank, new battery 65 amp brand moura (best quality) with warranty (1 year). Tuning, Platinum and new bosch spark plugs. The general wiring is also new with Bill`s work (lights, windshield, beacons, twists, etc.), new windshield, original body, impeccable chapa-pintura. Rubber, upholstery, instrumental, etc. Consumption is very low and even don`t need to pay (patent and taxes). Promotion gift: speaker speaker c jbl Bluetooth Chat 2 more (water resistant) plus gray, laptop, new, boxed. Recommended for auto musicalizador. In my experience it coexists with the sound of the engine because that if it were a common stereo no sound you might enjoy. A really pleasant and comforting experience. JBL 1st. guaranteed quality mark. Connect to your cell and reproduce via Bluetooth music that you like. Battery + 12 hours duration. Without installation of cables. Its chrome is maintained as the original models also.
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