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Published at 25/08/2017 19:43:49 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5459 visits.
The vehicle offered for sale, belonged to the official Presidential pink house garage, it`s a Dodge D2 Premium 1936, used as official vehicle for transfer of the following Presidents and first ladies: Agustín P. Justo and Ana Encarnación Bernal Harris (1932 to 1938); (b) Roberto Mario Ortiz and María Luisa Iribarne (1938-1942); (c) Ramón S. Castillo and Maria Delia Luzuriaga (1942-1943); (d) Arturo Rawson and Delia Borda Arguello (1943 > deceased); (e) Pedro Pablo Ramírez and María Inés Lobato Mulle (1943 to 1944); (f) Edelmiro Farrell and Conrada Victoria Torni (1944-1946); (g) Juan Domingo Perón and María Eva Duarte (1946-1952) and (1952 to 1955 > dismissed). It is important to note, that of convertible vehicles premium (30 cm longer than the normal) that were originally manufactured, only the existence of three is currently known. One is to restore Yazejian, the second, is the Yazejian sought to buy and which today is located in the Museum of Phoenix, Arizona; the third, is offering for sale, is in perfect state of originality, without any restoration and with only the wear of time elapsed, with report 08 name and signed to transfer, by their first buyer particular ex-footballer Severino Varela. We have heard comments that there are two more, one would be in Mexico and another in Cuba, but the status of conservation of both vehicles is unknown. A relevant contemporary history, it was qualified as a classic, historic and original vehicle by the Argentine Federation of clubs of historical cars; classic cars in san isidro club, and the argentina Chamber of merchants of old vehicles. Under such circumstances is allowed participate in the exhibition of old cars in Buenos Aires by auto-clasica.
Value: USD 68000 (Euros 58775 | Pesos Arg. 2686000).-

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