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Replica 600 Fiat Abarth 850 TC. Condition of sale, will be transferred. Fully prepared with 70 HP engine. Tyres sumitomo HTR-200 made in Japan, 13-inch series. New. Measuring of tire 175/50 tour of revolution R13: 1.58 meters. Evs to rims 13 "new. 4-wheel vented disc brakes. Front independent suspension with height adjustment. Special spirals. New shock absorbers x 4. Direction zipper, precaps, ends all new. CV lavilla competition doubles. Coupe 800 gear box differential short relationship, the most sought after in 600, 8/41. Fully prepared engine: Abarth carter of 7 litres of removable two-piece finned aluminum smelter. Block fully polished inside. Enlarged lubrication ducts, has made reform of Abarth lubrication of mass flow. Camshaft raponi aaa axis = 39 ° rca 60 ° = aae = 69 ° rce = 28 °. Freehand in adm. 1055 mm in on side of valve and 10 mm exhaust. Progressive profile type. Worklight adm. = 0.35 mm esc. = 0, 40mm. Put to pto. pms = adm = 2 90 mm / ESC = 2.00 mm. Camshaft is treated and nitrided. Stays: adm = 279 ° esc. = 277 ° crossing = 67° tip of bronze cam bushing. Cam also bronze control gear. Corrector cam gear. Alpine record with anti vibrator italy distribution chain. Cap distribution with the same access to correct it without disassembling anything. Double special Springs raponi. data lock 35 kg. limit 55 kg. Special tappets of large fungus, rellanados of hard material such as cam. nitrated. Cover 133 iava. each combustion chamber cubica 18 DC (4 were equal) valves adm. 29 mm esc 27 mm. completely laburada. with 128 carburetor turret, admission blasted it. 100 mm high. Theoretical or static 10.65 to 1 compression ratio. compression dynamics with rca = 60° = 8.68 to 1. Std cylinder cover gasket. the block plane is work to use costly gaskets competition and low durability. Carburetor weber 32 icev with 24 mm diffuser, polished to mirror. Balancinera worked, lightened and reinforced. asparagus of 10 mm. Forged Pistons iapel 64 mm with rings Japan npr 0.8 mm thick. The Pistons are shoed and worked on the skirts, with their respective special lightweight bolt. Connecting rods, lightened, Mirror-polished, powered lift trucks. weight of each connecting rod 425 grams with mounted bearings and bolts. Fully balanced motor Assembly (flywheel, crankshaft, crankshaft pulleys.) Lightweight engine by 10%, special clutch diaphragm, disc telescopic steering wheel, direct steel, reinforced patch of special case. (ara and not break anything) All the gears of the gearbox original and new material sought not berreta. new synchronization. Selector of special changes. Pump oil seat, with helical gears. 4.5 kg. in baja, high 6 kg. (I have primer with measurements) Crankshaft the of the triangle, 66mm stroke, treated and nitrided and polished entirely. weight kg 7,735. Belts in 3 pulleys, toothed Spanish seat short water pump. balanced pulleys. Electro fiat 128 built into the radiator fan. bulb of electro into the radiator, bottom bronze threaded for easy drain plug draining and cleaning of the circuit. Special oil made to measure radiator. With their respective U.S. imported hose remote oil filter. fitting of very high pressure connections. Vw gol de one piece axle ignition Distributor. machined counterweight. for an advance of 17 to 20 ° end range from 1,100 to 2,200 rpm. This initial breakthrough series as 10 °. Ignition type discharge capacitive, multichispa, fs, model 7al2 brand. Coil accel afterburner switcheable 60,000 volts. (it has two modes, street and racing) Msd, made in spark plug wires used. Nippon denso Iridium spark plugs ik 20 japan. Alternator indiel 38 amper, with built-in regulator. belt of trapezoidal toothed command of subaru. Exhaust system (goes with two): one exhaust system 4-1 silens long, painted with American vht. hole zonda lambda. And another system that same is delivered, is the leak that is the "cola di topo", (photos) replica of the abarth 850 and 1000 tcr Italian, made to order for leaks shapes, stainless steel, also with threaded hole for the zonda lambda which is fitted to the vehicle. Anchor gear box fixed (so that the engine does not nod) Reformed hood opening of vw. Interior complete, walk the two lifts crystals, has inertial seat belts on both sides, instruments and central console. 4 speakers, woofer 2 powers sony girls, stereo sony xplod. steering wheel lacquered red Carpus (photo). Alarm. analyser and hallmeter of 30 leds. air fuel meter. AFM-30 Instruments orlan rober, oil pressure, temperature, voltmeter, count turns. 4-wire bosch lambda Zonda, heated. rpm cutting. on FS 7,200 at 9,200 rpm range. Electric fuel pump, mark German huco. Metallic fuel sealed with water trap filter. I have pulled the engine to 8,000 rpm. It is in perfect condition. does not consume oil, not venting. nothing... It has 7 liter of motul 8100 100% synthetic 5w50. Wheel wrecker, Jack and wrench. 4-wheel anti-theft bolts. Red exterior paint, red code flash code 30/00 1997 volkswagen. painted 6 years ago. He has made a few months ago the treatment of c-quartz. full.
Value: 180000 Argentine Pesos (USD 2812,5 | Euros 2508,71).-
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