IKA Coupé Torino 380

Published at 12/01/2020 14:13:29 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5064 visits.
It`s like in the pictures only I have it kept indoors and mounted on 4 studs. Today it has dirt on it like the last photos. Full interior but to restore back seat upholstery. Perfect roof. Sheet and paint was made 6 years ago, now has the wear and tear of time that passed, small details. The last photos are from the restoration. Covers purchased new 6 years ago. Forward 205/ back sumitomo 265. Board, he put on the new watchmaking. At the time they were walking, now that I don`t give it a march so long ago I don`t know if they were walking. Just like the connection to the naphtha tank. The exhaust pipe was modified and the exit was made as seen in the photos. Modified trunk type nurburgring. New window and windshield in place. All the glasses of healthy windows. Engine (tornado interceptor 4 banked) completed but stopped six years ago. The hoses and so on are sure to be new. Motor for automatic door opening by means of a control. The vehicle has no papers. He`s been standing for six years. As I mentioned above, the car has no papers. The transfer was never made, in its time it circulated without problems, today it cannot circulate like this. I sell it because the papers didn`t come out so far. I sell it in full. The one who needs some spare parts can take it complete and if he has time, disassemble, take what he wants and sell the rest. I don`t have time to sell in parts. that`s why I sell it in full. If you have a manager/judge/lawyer contact who has the way to take out papers from old cars in this state, you have the opportunity for a big project. This car with papers is worth a lot more. I`m tired of waiting and I need a vehicle to drive. Otherwise I`d never sell it. The vehicle is located in Almirante Brown, Rafael Calzada. Serious buyers coordinate visit, curious please ask but don`t make me go show them the car at all.
Value: USD 2700 (Euros 2433 | Pesos Arg. 170100).-
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