IKA Renault Coupé Torino 380W

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Torino 380W coupé. Considered which has more history. In 1967 industrias Kaiser Argentina produced a coupé Torino 380W very special chassis 01637 and patent C091243, intending to take her to Europe entrusted the mission to Juan Manuel Fangio accompanied by Oreste Berta, do know the Torino in Europe. This mission got its start by officially presenting the car to public on July 30, 1967 in the city of Modena in an event he attended the linked characters Motorsports at the time (Enzo Ferrari, Pininfarina, etc), then the car was taken to Monza where turn in view of the specialized journalism, after the event continued touring in various parts of Europe, Italy, France, Germany and Belgium until arriving on the eve of the Grand Prix 1967 Nuburgring, where also the specialized journalism He had the opportunity to conduct test and evaluation of management in such circuits, was tested by the crème de la crème of the era, led by the best pilots of the time, including the famed English pilot Stirling Moss (very close friend and arch-nemesis on the tracks de Fangio) after such a mission, cumliendola with total success, thought the car was considered lost for many years, but it did not. The car returned to Argentina and his second owner was the Argentine champion of formula 1 national mechanics and champion of turismo carretera in 1973 (post-mortem) Nasif Moisés Estéfano. After that losing any trace on the car until it was today returned to find by its current owner, the collector of Torinos Rubén Orlando García.
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