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Publicado el 13/11/2008 05:45:17 desde Estados Unidos, 11312 visitas.
1955 Mercedes Benz 190 SL. First year for the 190 SL body style modeled after the famous 300 SL with a similar dash and interior styling seats. This was a local car with the same owner for many years that had a great appreciation for the car. Well cared for garaged and serviced the car remains in very original shape never looking to have been restored just repainted many years ago and properly maintained and driven. Still have the stock carburetors with air log and cleaner working, a Mercedes tool roll and California black license plates. The first and last of the model are the most collectible and few 55 models remain in original un-restored condition. Enjoy the car now if you like and freshen it up when the opportunity presents itself.

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