Mercedes Benz 220 S 1962

Published at 20/09/2016 21:36:21 from Argentina, 10806 visits.
A car to be astonished and fall in love. An adventure brought to the present: with a car of its generation, the "Swedish" Ewy Rosqvist and Úrsula Wirth won the VI Grand Prix standard of the Argentina Republic in 1962, breaking into an area reserved for men. The W111 tails was a revolution of Mercedes Benz, which changed dramatically the design of their cars to compete with the North American late 50s extravaganzas, that Yes, the mode that the brand understands the elegance: "slightly behind the fashion". The product was this beauty of perfect lines and all the advances security brand developed in silence. It is a pleasure to drive on the streets today: its huge flywheel, the stunning line of the hood and the star make you feel in heaven. It imposes respect and creates admiration. Need to be rescued and why not, become a restoration project. It is full and I used it for the last time about 3 months ago.
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