Nissan Datsun 280ZX Tip-Top

Published at 24/09/2016 18:59:26 from Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 14959 visits.
Only for fanas like me. This ship is the last edition of the 280ZX in its version Tip-Top (few there are in Argentina?). As a good fan of Nissan (I have a 240SX 1992 cabriolet, one of the 8000 that exist in the world and I had Nissan 300ZX biturbo and several NXS among other Nissan, is what I mean when I say that it is only by your state). Removable roof. Patented in 1984. Who sells it owns more than 30 years. Needless to say that the owner is one elderly person and that never handling it no one more than he, personally know it more than 15 years ago and always wait for the moment that put it on sale to buy it but I grabbed me at a bad time and I can only take care of helping to sell it. Coupe it never was restored, nor open the engine and handled the mechanics, it is unique in the world for its low mileage and condition, Coupe it has no or a just shock, verifiable, check where you want, been impeccable. With manuals, original keys, original audio, original rims, original steering wheel, upholstery factory in excellent condition. As curiosity tell them that the yellow colour was imported by the owner directly from Ferrari to paint this coupé and only paint on a whim of the owner. It is not rotten or chopped and much less beaten or collided, is a single truth. Stands more than 7 years and up. These days the will in terms of circular and it limpiare it a bit and I will update the photos to a more decent, my advice was to paint it but the owner does not, in any case, it is the only thing that is necessary to make it, peel it and paint it (does not have PuTTY on any side). Coupé it as you can see is "enchulada eighties" but all accessories are external, all renovated, just remove and is original (in any case the painting is not bad). This Coupe painted can be worth between 20 thousand and 25 thousand dollars and more calmly that really there is no other like this and less editing tip top of the last series made, I`ve seen homeless published 25 thousand dollars. To which do not want to purchase it please do not contact me, I am not interested in chatting with know-it-alls but if looking for that if you know 280ZX (possible trade-in).
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