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Posted on 06/03/2019 12:47:08 desde Argentina, 450 visits.
Front and rear fenders (cano round) game for bumper of torino (70-73). new era article. the image of the publication is illustrative, the article is new, brand new era, without details. price posted by the complete set of defenses (4 pieces). -payment: cash, bank deposit, transfer. also we offer market pay (in this case you must add 6% to the published value for using this service). -shipments: are held once credited the payment of the item. I do shipments throughout the country by the purchaser, by bus or oca terminal. paid to destination when removing the encomienda. I do not charge packing or office. not working on delivery. perform all queries that are necessary, your inquiry does not bother, it will be answered promptly.
Valor: 7500 Pesos Argentinos (USD 130,43 | Euros 114,68).-
Part Game defenses of the and after bumper Torino 70-73 new
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