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Published at 08/01/2019 19:45:36 from Córdoba, Argentina, 3612 visits.
Front brakes, new pads and reviewed the disc. Rear brakes, rectification campaign and new Ribbon. New master cylinder. Reviewed all the braking circuit. It has mechanical and extra gasoline pump I put electric. Full repaired water radiator. Palette of 7 veneer blades. Aerator water radiator. All tires new and chrome nuts. Complete carburetion. On complete less distributor (new spark plugs, new spark plug wires, etc). Complete rear end with new sachs shock absorbers. Reviewed gas regulated distributor new gasoline/gas equipment. New battery. Repaired at new donkey. Alternator repaired and reviewed. Good painting. Good motor. Fluid changed and reviewed all. Tires in very good condition firestone potenza. Rubber for help like the rest and cover in very good condition. Upholstered impeccable. Impeccable ceiling. Impeccable torpedo. Impeccable Board. All instruments work. Besides, I have the original factory stereo. Box in perfect condition. Lights running all even patent and reverse gear. Trunk trim as factory. Original muffler exhaust cover to let it free. New fire extinguisher charged. Beacons. Original carpets. GR model 80 with air conditioning and power steering. Papers to the day my name without debts or fines ready to transfer. It operates gas and naphtha. Wafer made new and new certification of gas cylinders. ITV. The State of this Torino is in general very good.
Value: 250000 Argentine Pesos (USD 3802,28 | Euros 3378,38).-
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