Mercedes Benz 170 SD Rural

Published at 19/10/2016 17:54:59 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 8043 visits.
For sale: Mercedes Benz 170 SD rural year 1952/53. The vehicle is in operation and with all the papers a day to transfer. Engine 1.7 diesel. 4 cylinders (1767 c.c). Speed maximum round them 105 km/h. 4-speed gearbox. Reversing lever on the floor. System power of 12v with two batteries of 6 volts connected in series of 75 amps. Details to have in account: has 2 batteries new placed ago 3 months. All the installation power was made to new. Lights of inside and outside working correctly (light Board and inside, high, low, lights of spin from the steering wheel and beacons). The speaker from the steering wheel. Clean windshield front in operation. Radio of the time running. Supports front heads (put and take out). Safety belts. Not is is chopped in the floors, baseboards and trunk. Covered in a rolled position. Wheel of help. Upholstered seats, roof and doors. Instruments in excellent condition and working. I listen to serious offers. I answer questions promptly.
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