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Publicado el 19/03/2009 05:27:42 desde Estados Unidos, 17604 visitas.
1956 Mercedes Benz 190SL. This car left the Mercedes Benz factory in Germany on march 28, 1956. It was delivered and sold new at the Mercedes Benz dealership in París, France. The car remained in Paris for years. It then took the journey to California, USA. It was stored for the past 25 years. It is a complete car and very original car. It is sold with it's correct and original 121 early style engine. The engine is complete with original 2 solex carburetors, the original airlock (which is impossible to locate if missing), and aircleaner. As you can see from the photos, this car is in need of restoration. The original bumpers, original grille and other chrome pieces will need to be re-done. This car will need to be repainted. The front fenders are in good condition as it the inner fenders. The doors, hood and trunklid are also in good condition. The rear fenders are solid. The underside needs some attention in terms of a bit of floor ru

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