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Published at 30/07/2017 15:31:05 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 14269 visits.
For sale: Dodge Coronado 1975 Automatic. I am 3rd. owner, I have the historical domain report. Auto buy it and did front brakes with new pads and replacement of the calipers Pistons, change a hose that was old. All straps, naphtha and oil filter change. Platinum made new distributor (Cap, rotor, condenser, Platinum) change spark plugs and new wires also. Servo brake repair, repair the front armchair upholstered in servifund (dario botazi). Change the two joints side companion, new anti-roll bar bushings. Try two CNG and wafer tubes hydraulics made in June 2017. VTV until 2018. Carburetor holley for a mouth cleaned and change you the pump`s pique. Remove the choke circuit since it did not work and suits you manual cable. The auto tube one repainted, has some minimal details that are unseen to the naked eye, but details for my taste. Interior in very good condition with some detail by the passage of time, but none of the other world. The vinyl roof has typical balloons over the years in drops back, if I change it the serious price another. I spent an estimated $8000.-to change it, so much material premium as labor. Not to mention the repair of sheet metal. The radio does not go (I have to review), but if you go the power antenna. Air conditioning original factory in perfect state, cools very well. Speed goes very well both up the changes as making recesses. As for the engine, it venting by use. Not be if ever opened it. I said a mechanic who knows Dodge engines, it is normal in the slant that venteen when they have normal wear and tear. Motor does not consume oil, opens made so far about 600 km. and not add anything. Not pulled white smoke exhaust spout, it has 118-120 compression on all cylinders so it rings okay. Cold start quickly without problems, both gasoline and CNG. Gasket manifold new admission and all of the exhaust also. The auto route took him to 100-110 km/h and is very quiet. It has the original cricket. For sale transferred if or if.

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