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Publicado el 13/04/2010 21:03:00 desde Estados Unidos, 21282 visitas.
Rosso corsa with black leather interior and black carpeting, 36k original kilometers, 5-speed, factory air conditioning and power windows. GTO. The three letters that adorn the worlds most desirable Ferrari. 1962's 250 was so incredibly beautiful and crushingly effective that any subsequent Ferrari inheriting this tag would have an awful lot to live up to. Second generation GTO's were born during the early 1980's when many leading motor manufacturers thought fisa's group b regulations would evolve into the definitive platform for showcasing their most technologically advanced machinery. Engine capacity was 2855cc thanks to a bore and stroke of 80mm x 71mm, a phenomenal 400bhp being developed at 7000rpm. compression was set at 7.6:1, the twin ihi turbochargers at 0.8 bar while behr intercoolers cooled the charge air. Weber-marelli iaw electronic fuel injection and ignition was derived from experience gained in grand prix racing. Performance figures were extremely impressive with zero to sixty coming up in just 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 189mph possible. The Ferrari's 288 GTO arrived as the fastest production car in the world on it's 1984 launch. GTO's were only available in rosso corsa and left hand drive. the interior featured a suede covered anti-glare dash, veglia instruments, a three-spoked leather rimmed momo steering wheel and seats of similar design to the daytona. Restrained and stylish but never overly luxurious, additional options available included air-conditioning, electric windows and a stereo cassette player as well as full leather trim. Unveiled at the Geneva salon in march 1984, the GTO was an overnight sensation. Collectors were gagging to place a deposit for this the newest, most desirable car in the world. Ferrari had originally planned to produce just the mandatory 200 units for homologation, however, demand was so strong that 272 examples were eventually completed by the time production was discontinued in early 1986. This 288 GTO has been lovingly owned and maintained when and where needed to keep in superb overall condition throughout. Hablamos español. New York, Hong Kong.

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