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1966 Original Ford Mustang GT Fastback (A-Code). VIN (6R09A213555). Matching numbers Mustang. Original V8 289 (hi-po) engine. Original automatic transmission (C4). Original triple red color. Complete (documented) restoration. Winner of the 1st prize of the category "American Contemporaries" in Autoclassical 2015. FIVA 2019 card with approval to participate in national and international rallies. For connoisseurs of the American car market, this unique piece, collectible and difficult to find with this level of restoration is on sale. A 1966 Mustang GT Fastback with a unique "triple network" colour scheme and a fully restored car with period specifications, respecting the originality of the car, but adding mechanical and electrical improvements for its best driving and enjoyment. History: this piece had an important 5-year restoration, where the objective of perfection and originality of the car was clear. The results were a first prize in the category of "American Contemporaries" in Autoclassic in 2015. On the other hand, the vehicle was chosen by Ford Argentina to be the "star" of the Mustang Hall in 2016, where the new Mustang 2016 was presented for 5 days to the public. This Mustang was imported from the United States in 2009 under the regime of repatriation by the owner, where barely arrived and patented, the hard work of a complete restoration was set to begin. It was with a clear goal: originality and purism. But there were also mechanical and performance improvements to give it greater reliability and optimal walking. The Mustang is used for exhibitions and exits between friends, is taken care of too much, is kept under roof with a sheath and does not know the rain or a dirt street. It is a car of enjoyment that generates exaltation, surprise and good vibes in the street, in addition to being very photographed for its sesentous curves. Engine and transmission: This collectible piece is "matching numbers", which means that its engine and transmission are the originals of the car. The engine of this Mustang is a 289-inch cubic (4,739 cc) V8 called hi-po (high performance), as it differed from 289 classic engines by having 4-mouth intake, 10:1 compression ratio, 4-mouth carburetor, higher exhaust multiples flow and, of course, increased power and suspension reinforced with bars. With regard to the transmission, it is an automatic box of 3 speeds hydra-matic (C4) that gives the car a safe, friendly and easy to handle. The engine underwent upgrades to upgrade it to the at-run times. The renowned American car workshop Zschocke Motorsport was in charge of doing it again with a std casing and added edelbrock aluminum cylindrical caps, in addition to the replacement of pistons, cranks, camshaft, water pump, oil pump, distribution, harp hardware, edelbrock carburetor, electronic ignition, among other things. With regard to the automatic box, she underwent upgrades, which makes it a very fast, smooth box and that the changes can be passed manually sequentially. Exhausts and silencers are new with the "h" scheme, which give shear more torque and a more neat ride. They are made of stainless steel, making the right noise, how it came from the factory. Total restoration of the vehicle: This Mustang GT had an arduous restoration process to leave it in the first places of any elegance contest. It was departed from the bodywork, where no place was left unchecked and/or repaired, in addition to product additions for future sheet metal protection. The gimbal and differential were revised to leave them in perfect condition. The same was done with the entire bottom, in addition to replacing shock absorbers, spirals, the front train and hydraulic steering. In the cabin of the same, all interiors (seats, headliner, door panels, board, carpet, kick panels, rear panels, among other parts) were replaced. The door handles and mechanisms were new, in addition to the grant steering wheel (which was optional at the time), among others. The original color of the interior (poly network) was respected, which gives the car a perfect combination of colors inside, respecting its originality. The outside part, had a double work of sheet metal and paint, to leave it with the lines of the car in perfect alignment. the original paint of the car (candy apple red) was respected with its "stripes" that only come on GT models. In addition, a detailling treatment and paint protection was performed, giving the mustang a wet effect. to finish, all the bazots, badges, grille, bumpers and exterior handles were replaced. Summary: it is an original Mustang GT with an exquisite level of restoration, with recognitions in Autoclassic, Ford Argentina and specialized means that make it unique in its style. The 5 years of documented restoration and the firm objective, make this vehicle an opportunity for black palate collectors looking for something special. This car is for free circulation (not set as a classic car) and has the papers in perfect condition and ready to be transferred. He has only one owner in Argentina (who repatriated him from the United States) in addition to owning the FIVA card (2019) for participation in regularity races. More information about the vehicle can be delivered, the restoration process and more details can be delivered by mail. Also, you could evaluate the shooting of some classic vehicle, high-end car or motorcycle up to a value of D$50,000. Interested parties can send mail or commonto the reference cell phone.
Value: USD 170000 (Euros 152795 | Pesos Arg. 10115000).-
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