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Posted on 16/04/2018 10:55:31 desde Argentina, 2840 visits.
Spectacular lot of spares new imported Peugeot 403 (200 items). Each item of 1 or more impossible items detail in its entirety: gimbal, column address mechanism changes, complete footswitch, campaigns of brake, dishes of brake, brake, cables, plugs, distributor shaft pumps, instrumental (used) Board, ammeters, clocks time, ashtray, glove boxes top glove box, brushes marchall, wiper arms teclic (s.e.v.), quillery steering wheel centre, rings of lights (nac), shields Grill, knobs commands heating, panel switches, door handles, and many more item. I can supply spreadsheets in excel with indication of the number of cutting catalog. Also I have photos but it is a very heavy file and would have to load it on pen drive. I accept reasonable offers. The replacement are in Federal Capital District of Almagro.
Valor: USD 400 (Euros 347 | Pesos Arg. 18000).-
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