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Posted on 29/09/2017 10:25:41 desde Argentina, 3719 visits.
Ofrezco batch sheets original auto parts for various models of national cars of the years 60/70. approximately 90 pieces (list available), vehicles like the renault 4, 6, 12 and gordini, rancher, torino, dodge 1500 and dodge pick up, peugeot 504, ford falcon, fiat 600 and 1500. Chevrolet 10, and others. These parts are unused (except 4 or 5 auto parts used), many in very good condition, and others presented oxide surface (were deposited under roof for 30 years). Leftover parts of family business closed are in 1990s in villa dolores, province of cordoba (where are today). most of the pieces are identified, and others do not (skirting, Rails and crossbars). Provides the full lot, with freight by the purchaser, with feasibility be sent throughout the country.
Valor: 9500 Pesos Argentinos (USD 218,89 | Euros 190).-
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