Torino Liebre 1 1/2

Published at 13/01/2020 22:06:25 from Argentina, 546 visits.
Torino Liebre 1 1/2: Four-sided Tornado engine, Sotro cam, free sports exhaust, Dino Caresa 40/40 carburetor (new), with 29 mm turned and carbureted diffusers for crossover, electronic distributor, Bosh coil, NKG spark plugs and new cables. Fourth ZF case with short selector and Hurst knob. Self-priming mechanical and electrical naphtha pump in parallel with regulator (new). 105 litre naphtha tank (Ivan Tanks) with crossed vent. New electrical installation, all the most optional regulatory lights for road or ground safety. Front train, box, full-reviewed differential, new crosses, new handbrake, new rear brake and front brake (Palagi). New complete locksmith (keys, collisions, rises crystals). Nick armchairs with slides. Sprint four-anchor belts. Roll cage with protectors. Bridgestone Decks 15, 205, 80. Sheet and complete paint. Protto sheet metal tires of the time. Vintage Bullet Mirrors in stainless steel (outdoors), Longacre (convex interior), original placed below). Warvol SP flyer with extractor. Instrumental Orlan Rober Competition, New Orlan Rober Vintage Competition Tachometer, plus original SIAP speedometer, and original Jaeger Torino tachometer. New interior carpets. Double electroventilator with independent installation. Double led map light. Sure. Holder, papers a day, is transferred if or if. Ideal regularity or historical CT. Only whatsapp. I hear a reasonable offer.
Value: USD 10000 (Euros 9013 | Pesos Arg. 630000).-
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