Fiat Uno Scv 2000

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Fiat one SCV 2000 year 1987 with 70,000 actual kilometers. Only 1 car in the workshops of the experimental Department of Sevel for people of former Iava was manufactured. Aldo Baldoni - Ruben Ramos - Juan Carlos Nolan - Juan Carlos Fisanotti and others can attest to that. All of them were among others involved in the manufacturing of the car back in 19877/1988, registered by Sevel as AFF. By Aldo Baldoni said they wanted to make a TC 2000 with the Fiat Uno that then I do not become it and then they wanted to do it in production, so they took one the first Assembly (all Brazilian components)-line body, took a Fiat Regatta 2000 and they put all the mechanics and accessories within the Fiat Uno. The car underwent several cosmetic, mechanical and aerodynamic modifications, used it around 50,000 km of testing and travel throughout the country, including Brazil. Then he was dismissed their manufacture that did not reach the expectations that had been imposed, although the car has an incredible torque, consumption and final speed were it was his Achilles heel and I can`t meet them. Then I was forgotten in a shed of Sevel and back in 1997 when Sevel makes Fiat auctioned lots of cars in which was the Fiat one 2000, automotive Gonzalez bought the Fiat 2000 one which automatically sold it to Ritchie Reist who had it for 20 years and only you did 20,000 kilometers. Ritchie only use it to go from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata until one day by a personal decision I leave it five years in a 5th. floor of a garage of flowers and do not use it more, until one day I met him, I had heard the story of the car, several stories that I was then Demystifying managing to talk with people fabrico the natural father of the car is Aldo Baldoni who has his workshop chech you in Munro, who built it with their own hands and it was he who I told the truth in the car and thus could get a gun throughout its history. After gone, turns, lectures and much more, Ritchie Reist decided to sell it to me. Souvenir by the clerk you caia tears from his eyes. A car with lots of history. One 2000 1987 with air conditioning, power steering, Fiat Regattta 2000, box Regatta 2000, headlight washer motor and other things than any Fiat Uno had. Only 1 was manufactured.
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