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Published at 04/08/2010 22:46:29 from Argentina, 25484 visits.
Jeep CJ7. Bodywork: Souza (fiberglass). Chassis: Souza. Model: (armed and patented) 2000 (figure "00" in all the roles). Single owner, holder 100%. Optimal and up-to-date documentation. Length: 405 cm. width: 200 cm. high: 220 cm. distance between axles: 225 cm. clearance (to the reducing bridge): 40 cm. clearance (to the crossbar chassis): 52 cm. trip susp. front: 15 cm. distance susp. rear: 18 cm. wheels 10x15´. Covered bf goodrich MT 35 x 12.5 x 6 (88 cm diameter) with 7000 km. torque of the susp. (maintaining supported wheels) 90 cm. Stirrups in spout 3 "(removable, abulonados). Engine: Ford V8 302 inch cubic 225 hp. (originally Ford Bronco). Fuel: naphtha approx. 45 l / gnc (3 cylinders 6 m each one) 2 beneath the chassis and the other inland after seats painted the same tone of the interior. Autonomy: gnc route 140 km. approx., in the mountains in between 70 and 80 km. Nafta: without evaluating (only thing is that with the same tank, pays more km. than with the 221 I first). Gearbox: zf 3.54. Reductive box: central exit "dana" (1 lever). Front differential: dana 30 with cubes (free wheel) warn. Rear differential: dana 44 with limited-slip. Floating bearings. Dif. ratio: 9.94 (41/9). PTO shaft front with bridge. Later: Primary support: elastic (below-the gunboat). Twins took of elastic modified in height. 2 shock absorbers sachs wheel. Massive address bars. Address stabilizer. Top susp cubes. Bar corduroy 1 "anchored with silent block. Tensor reinforcement to the axis direction (to the pitman) box. Address hydroelectric. Torino steering column. Back: Primary support: elasticos (below-the gunboat). Twins took of elastic modified in height. 1 damper sachs wheel. Top susp cubes. Brakes: Pump double circuit. Help pedal by empty disk wheels Calippers 3 piston (all) cowling done in "ambrosino" mar del plata Semirrigida, modular through brooches pressure retire removing 2 doors butterflies are removed removing 4 rear Windows butterflies withdrew the entire ceiling. Electricity Throughout the installation this made zero prior level needs. avoid using electrical tape being replaced by termocontraible and tape autobulcanizable in most of the joints or empalmes cables are all estañados to prevent false futures contacts. Each of the materíales used were new. zero recycling. Interior Protective bar with 4 lower anchorages and 3 anchors to the recaro seats windscreen in fact checkers custom-made fiber inertial belt instrumental grey corduroy: speedometer, tacometro, pres. oil temperature, voltmeter, comb meter. Key cut mainstream current takes 12 volts cigarette lighter plug remote winch Inclinómetro wiper (2) stereo pioneer (am/fm/cass) Equalizer pioneer powered speakers 2 triax. jbl 6 x 9 250 w 2 tweeters on board 1 bazooca 8? Double coil detras of seat (detachable) 2 lights inside that you trigger when you open doors support arms and carrying padded seats keys lights with witnesses power exterior paint base cell holder clip objects first polyurethane and PuTTY (almost nothing) polyester paint ebano with elastificante Pinura black polyurethane low chassis arenado and painted with 4 hands to torch seakrome (antiox. Orange colorin) and finished with subcarrocerías grain water (3 hands) within the same (s-type tubular) were 2 litre paint asfaltica by crossbar and is broken in all addresses are desparrame and seal the entire arenados differential surface, then seakrome and then grey lacquer lead body: being fiber, was subcarrocerías so have the same termination than Bumbers chassis: Silane, seakrome and grey lacquer lead. inside, seakrome and. subcarrocerías. Does accessories alarm speaker winch warn m 6000 (with 30 m of original Sling uses) Porta baggage in round spout with network 6 headlights halogenos (2 yellow, 2 long-range, 2 angular) electro automatic fan / manual front Bumbers: structural iron front profile chassis? c? 18 cm. And top the veneer seed melon 1/8? Does rear bumper ? front profile? c? of 18 cm., top sheet 1/8 melon seed? and inlaying bocha hitch details several Cajon rubbermaid (usa), custom detachable, rear restrained with hooks type bonnet (4) on the ground floor. within it are all rescue items necessary for any situation. Wrought iron, machete, 9 m, shackles for 10 ton nylon Sling Blade. Remote control for the hoist, containers with oil, grease box and dif. Liq. brake, apply. hydraulic, settlement refrig. wood, hydraulic, cat tacos welder 12 v. antiparras, water, cable bridge bat costume gloves. does several ropes desatasco for clay plates or snow anchor for winch body widened 30 cm. trunk Visagras fiber in aluminum Massif (Colt) polished original Lantern Aros? chrome antimony? not stamped sheet metal bins carries original headlights estanciera with tilt and lateral

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