Mercury Monterey 1957

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For sale excellent project for restoration. Mercury Monterey 1957 Two-door sedan, V8 Mercury 312 ci engine, Ford-o-matic automatic case with original board button knob. Ready motor reviewed with original Thunderbird intake, four-mouth demon 525 carburetor with electric primer, mallory cables, high bosch coil, new radiator panel, starter motor and full-reviewed dynamo. 255 hp factory. Body work with sheet metal work on the front, imported use panels are delivered (both sides, rear handrails, parante quarters b, full sockets, outer and inner front fender nose), front flames radiator support, Original cutting and upholstery manuals, original workshop manual, automatic box calibration service bulletin, user manual. There is no missing molding (all inox.), ornaments or badges, the original five rims that are not in place, the original four cups, a second set of used taillights, a second set of used headlights, a new windshield/lunette, electrical installation of all original torpedo made to order in use. There`s no glass missing. Documentation up to date, 08 and title, I am owner, third owner. It is re-registered uncollected, with alphanumeric patents even in the blister, based in Puerto Madryn (where it was franchised from the 42parallel), patent-exempt card. No debts. At the moment it is unarmed because it was being worked, sold for reasons of lack of time and need for space. It is used until the moment of disarmament.
Value: USD 7000 (Euros 6327 | Pesos Arg. 493500).-
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